Saturday, September 24, 2011

P.S. Happy Birthday Jim Henson!

Did you do a google search today?  Did you play with the muppets?  If not, let this make your day.  Awesome!

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

The past month I have been in the dizzying throws of starting a school year.  Copies, planning, decorating, etc. have consumed the time I would like to spend blogging about books and the book world.  However, I have been keeping my ear to the ground and there are a couple of tid-bits to share.
Lights in our room so we can tell stories among the stars

The Good
I read the online blog pretty religiously.  I love getting updates on the new local spots and happenings.  But I also learn a lot about the book culture here. is where I discovered that there is at least one man hoping to make LA the new book center for the US.  He claims, among other things, that in NY everybody is depressed.  Here in LA, where the sun is always shining, we think positively.  I have noticed a number of small bookstores popping up recently, and not just ones that feature celebrity authors. (gag!)  A few years ago, one local bookstore expanded!  Is he on to something?  I hope so!  Read this article for yourself: LA the World's Book Hub

The Bad
Remember that bookstore that was up for sale at the beginning of the summer?  The one I thought might be, "the one?"  Well, nobody bought it.  The doors are closing.  In contrast to the good, previously mentioned, this makes me sad.  Let's all have a moment of silence... 

The Beautiful
Shel Silverstein is the gateway drug for kids getting into poetry.  I will never forget the poem that begins, "I got stung by a bee, I won't tell you where..." and ends with an illustration of a naked butt.  Giggles abound every time I read Shel to my students.  "THIS is poetry?" they ask.  Yes!  And a good friend of mine, Mas, who shares my same passion for children's literature, sent me the link to the most fabulous  NPR program about a new book of poems, released post mortum, by the genius himself. Everything On It, is next on my list to buy.  Here is the title poem Everything On It, especially dedicated to you folks in the hot dog business. Cheers!
Shel on NPR

 * poem courtesy of NPR