Friday, May 29, 2015


...Yonce! Here we go! First Dance Friday in a looong time.  My inspiration?  I'm hopping on the #beyoncealwaysonbeat bandwagon.  I poured through way too many videos to be proud of on a Friday night.

This meme fulfills my love of music video mashups.  My fave is definitely the Duck Tales soundtrack.

Go get 'em 'Yonce, you are one gangsta chick.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

June Events

June 6
Valerie Gates presents her new book, The Alphabet of Bugs, at Wellesley Books, 3 pm

June 10
A YA panel of authors Lexa Hillyer (Proof of Forever), Anne Heltzel (Charlie Presumed Dead), and Wendy Wunder (The Probability of Miracles), speak at Wellesley Books, 7 pm

June 14
Me and Judy, way back in LA
David Macaulay discusses his work in conjunction with the Carle's new exhibit featuring his art, 1 pm, Eric Carle Museum

June 19
Steve Light, author of Have You Seen My Monster, reads at Harvard Bookstore, 11 am

June 20
Author Illustrator Jeff Mack (Who Wants a Hug?) will be reading from his new book at the Carle, 2 pm

June 24
Judy Blume, in conversation with Tom Ashbrook (YES!), will be reading at a sold out event hosted by Brookline Booksmith.  6 pm.  Tickets might (meh, probably not) still be available in the store. Call them for more info 617-566-6660

Dan Gutman, author of like, all the sports books written for middle grades, will speak at the Boston Public Central Libary, 4 pm

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Little Sumpin' Sumpin'

So, for real, it has been quite some time.  Apparently I am delving into work these days, or hanging out with friends, or...I don't really know.  All I know is that I keep reading a lot of books and taking lots of pictures of said books and then the words never hit the screen.


My sincerest apologies.  Did you even notice?

Let's start with some updates.

1.  I survived another birthday!  Got the blues as expected but I also had a fabulous dinner with a custom-made menu.  That was pretty special.

2.  I spent Spring Break with my Gram.  We had milkshakes and told stories.  I freakin' love her.

3.  My friends from Seattle came to visit for a few days.  It was just what my birthday blues needed.  All blues were cured and we laughed a whole lot.

We dyed my hair.  It was special.  (midlife crisis moment!)

4.  Last week 8 of my students and I went to see Kate DiCamillo.  She was funny, genuine, and generous with her time with us.  After we got our autographs and gushed, she spent a couple minutes with the girls.  One asked her if she had paparazzi hanging outside her house all the time and it was perfect.  We headed out to dinner together in downtown Boston.  All girls experienced their first author reading and most their first Shirley Temple.

I can't even keep up with all the books I have been reading.  I am really going to try to tell you all about them.  I also made a special visit to an independent bookstore that I am dying to tell you about. Maybe I should just do a Vlog (video blog, yes?) so it won't take so long.  Here are some covers in the meantime!