Saturday, September 24, 2016

Keeping up with the 5 Year Olds

Goooood morning readers!

I thought I was on a good run for posting, god bless summer amiright?, and then August happened. In August the bf and I moved from our old hood of Camberville to Dorchester. I also started school. Being a kindergarten teacher after an 8 year stint in the middle grades, I found my time has been spent much in the same way as a first year teacher. Looong days and long nights and long weekends full of work. I am pretty much chasing my tail every day. Last week it looked like I could catch up. That was over pretty quick.

Stack #1 of work for this weekend

Stack #2 of work. Also, the BF is a Cubbies fan so
I now know the phrase "This is the year!" very well

This week included censoring a cut-out magazine collage (not one for censoring, I just couldn't let the vagina strengthener with promises of increased arousal stay in that picture) and cleaning up vomit. Yes, it feels good to be back in kindergarten.

But for real, I am in love with my job. Every day I work hard, maintain patience, and have amazing conversations with spectacular children. The crew I have this year isn't always easy but goddamn I love every second.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the year so far.

* Miss Howe, whatcha keepin in that belly? (not a baby. yes, a burrito)

* I'm pretty good at fixing things. (after reminding another student to take the unifix cubes out of his mouth)

* Is this a level 10 question? (when assessing his phonics skills - clearly a video game player)

* Everybody stop taking your sweet time. (when her friends weren't cleaning up)

* Miss Howe, you sing like Ariel. (after teaching Home on the Range)

I'm hoping that soon I will maintain some sort of work like balance again. I mean, this is my 12th year of teaching I'm working on. In the meantime, here are some pictures that I am allowed to show. I so wish I could show you their cute faces. Take me out for dinner and you will get a glimpse. :)

We have a mystery sculptor in class!
One student is constantly changing this guy. 
Our Up themed door made by my
amazing co-teacher

MY kindergarten teacher gave me this book when
I graduated high school in 1999...

I read it in our first week of school.
(Me being an eel)

This love bug read me a book he wrote
about a dinosaur and a jellyfish.